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If you like to have something healthy, then Juice It Up! could be a good option for you. But before you visit there make sure you know about their latest menu. In the following paragraphs, I am going to discuss the menus of Juice It Up! with costs.

Juices It menus is primarily recognized for its healthier products. Their food list includes a special assortment of smoothies, new unprocessed fruit juice integrates, newly mixed juices and superfruit dishes. Their menus is good for those who are aware of their diet plan.

Now that you have a perception regarding their food selection, it’s time and energy to see their full listed below. I have included as well another valuable details for including franchise, contact and nutritional information. But before seeing their menu, let’s have a glimpse at their history.

Juices It can be a juice sequence started off by way of a Frank Easterbrook in 1995 and the initially location with their wall plug was in Brea, Ca. He or she is the only person who started off this and today he or she is the Chief executive officer, Basic principle proprietor, Chief executive in the business and possesses over 89 sequence stores.

Liquid It Up! Menus Rates

Juices It Up menus includes uncooked juices, vintage shakes, combined liquid, superfruit dishes as well as a catering menus with many kinds of drinks and eatables.

Fruit juice It is regarded as the ambassador of healthy residing and they stick to their palm-crafted smoothies and container, their promotions will remain for building a much healthier world making use of their all-natural items.

Liquid It Up Charges are quite high nevertheless the high quality they assist is unbeatable, rates lie among $2 to $10. So, without waiting let’s check the latest prices of Juice It! Up.

Classics Smoothies

Classics Smoothies Small Medium Large
Strawberry Wave $4.25 $5.25 $6.95
Raspberry Craze $4.25 $5.25 $6.95
Lucky Lemon Punch $4.25 $5.25 $6.95
Mango Mania $4.25 $5.25 $6.95
Lava Flow $4.25 $5.25 $6.95
Pina Cool-Ada $4.25 $5.25 $6.95
Melon Madness $4.25 $5.25 $6.95
California Cooler $4.25 $5.25 $6.95
Chili Lime Mango $4.25 $5.25 $6.95
Ever Green $4.25 $5.25 $6.95

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Specialty Smoothies

Specialty Smoothies Medium Large
PB Cold Brew Mocha $6.75 $8.25
Pitaya Sunset Smoothie $6.75 $8.25
Protein Blast $6.75 $8.25
The Zone $6.75 $8.25
Ultimate Acai Smoothie $6.75 $8.25
Vital Proteins Blue Smoothie $6.75 $8.25

Fresh Raw Juice Blends

Fresh Raw Juice Blends Small Medium Large
Detoxifier $6.25 $8.25 $10.25
Energizer $6.25 $8.25 $10.25
Ginger Shot $6.25 $8.25 $10.25
Immunizer $6.25 $8.25 $10.25
Invigorator $6.25 $8.25 $10.25
Optimizer $6.25 $8.25 $10.25
Rejuvenator $6.25 $8.25 $10.25


Fresh Raw Juice Blends 1oz 2oz
Wheatgrass Shot $2.55 $3.95

Fresh Blended Juices

Fresh Blended Juices Medium Large
The Greens $7.25 $9.00
The Reds $7.25 $9.00
The Turmeric $7.25 $9.00

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Superfruit Bowls

Superfruit Bowls Regular Large
Acai Berry Bowl $8.25 $10.25
Cold Brew Acai Bowl $8.25 $10.25
Pitaya Passion Bowl $8.25 $10.25
Protein Acai Bowl $8.25 $10.25
Super Fusion Bowl $8.25 $10.25
Ultimate Acai Bowl $8.25 $10.25
Vital Proteins Blue Bowl $8.25 $10.25