Is there a bingo caller at all casinos?

For some people, the bingo caller is what the game is all about. The way they come onto the stage with a cheeky smile, roll the tombola, pick out the numbers, and recite a classic crude call that has been around for what seems like millennia – also try instant roulette games.

It might sadden some of you die-hard bingo fans to hear that there is not always a bingo caller at the casinos! The developments in technology have meant that if you are playing bingo online, the caller may be digitally recorded and not an actual live person shouting ‘two fat ladies’. When it comes to the actual casino, however, there is seldom not a caller because that is what drives and controls the game.

But, in recent years, sometimes the bingo caller has been transformed into an electronic board that simply reads the numbers plainly!

What is so good about bingo callers at casinos?

Any older generation member you ask will be able to list off every number between 1 and 90 and accompany them with their respective bingo caller rude or dirty rhyme. It can be sad to see that sometimes, electronically or online, that there are not always bingo callers.

But, to remind you of why we need bingo callers at casinos all the time, we have jotted down all of the fun elements of why people love the bingo caller so much. Perhaps we can all campaign to reintroduce them to all casinos:

  • They are quick-witted, funny, and quite often, very rude! It is not many casino games that players get to experience such a performance when they play the game and the bingo caller is there to do exactly that.
  • The bingo callers rhymes and stories are not only what make the game so entertaining and fun, but it is also what drives the game forward because without them bingo would just be a straightforward boring lottery!
  • Let’s face it, we all know that bingo is just reading out numbers randomly and hoping that your ones appear before anyone else’s. But, the bingo caller in the casino is what makes the game what it is.
  • No computer or electronic board could ever have the wit and humour that a real bingo caller, who has seen the seasons change, has.

Where to go to play bingo in a casino with a bingo caller

Finding a real bingo caller may not be easy these days, but there are a number of ways in which you can do it, and some of the ways do not involve you even leaving your house!

  1. Head on over to your local bingo hall or casino, if it is in person then you are likely to see a bingo caller!
  2. If you do not fancy leaving the house this evening, check out live bingo halls online. These project a live video of an actual bingo caller and allow you to play from the comfort of your favourite chair.