Who has not dreamed of working with their feet in the water? In working in shorts and a short-sleeved shirt as work accessories? The lifeguard profession can be the envy of more than one.

For all those whose passion for water has become a future professional prospect: it is important to know about the numerous opportunities that exist once you obtain a qualification to work as a monitor or lifeguard. There is no shortage of job opportunities, as although many jobs remain seasonal, vacancies have been created throughout the year.

The lifeguard profession in the public sector

After having obtained a certificate of aptitude and qualification to be able to dedicate yourself to lifeguarding, you have the possibility of being able to work within a local authority that is in charge of recruiting, for the summer season, future lifeguards who are going to work on the beaches. or in municipal swimming pools.

Although the function of the lifeguard is essentially to watch over bathers, the fact is that the danger can be different, so vigilance is required to avoid possible drowning.

  • Surveillance on the beaches:

The role of the lifeguard in this type of infrastructure is to monitor the beaches, control the bathing area, warn those who want to bathe outside the permitted area, intervene when necessary by performing first aid, etc. He is also in charge of ensuring certain tranquillity, as well as listening and teaching bathers about certain rules of the beach.

However, surveillance of the beaches remains very delicate. Therefore, it is necessary to have a good knowledge of the sea, to be aware of its dangers, to feel comfortable in it. Sea rescue teams are trained to deal with any intervention at sea, which can sometimes be dangerous.

  • Surveillance in municipal swimming pools:

The lifeguard who is usually on duty at municipal swimming pools is in charge of monitoring bathers, and warning users, particularly in compliance with safety instructions and internal regulations. He must also delimit the bathing areas and provide first aid in case of minor injuries.

Outside of business hours, you may be asked to supervise swimming lessons for different types of audiences, from baby swimming to the elderly, but also for adults who want to learn to swim. You can also supervise aquagym, aquabike, aquafitness or any other water activity offered by municipal swimming pools.

  • Surveillance in other bathing areas:

Observation of other bathing areas such as lakes or reservoirs is different from that of the beach or swimming pools. The function of the lifeguard is to monitor bathers, delimit the bathing area, warn bathers who do not respect it, as well as subtract first aid in cases of minor injuries. You must ensure that users comply with the safety instructions and play an educational role about the possible dangers that a lake outside the bathing area may represent.

Lifeguards in the private sector

Jobs in the public sector are usually seasonal positions or fixed-term contracts, for a student or as a first job, this can be a great opportunity. When you start working life, having a full-time job becomes essential, above all, to have a more stable future professionally and financially. Nowadays, professional stability leads us to embark on the search for an apartment or to request a loan to buy a car…

Many private structures offer year-round positions at their facilities for holders of qualifications related to lifeguarding training.

Thus, you can find job offers in different sectors that offer water activities, such as:

  • Hotels or resorts: Hotel complexes or resorts offer their residents private swimming pools where bathers are supervised by a lifeguard. In addition, they organize activities around the pool, so it is not uncommon to enjoy aquagym or group aquayoga classes that are usually taught by a lifeguard. Many families with children come to these complexes, so it is important to offer games in the water to the little ones under the supervision of a lifeguard.
  • Sports clubs or gyms: just like sports centres or gyms, many sports clubs now offer aquagym, aquabike classes and thus adapt to a clientele looking for an activity where they can put the muscles of the body to work without forcing the lower limbs. These classes are usually taught by a sports swimming instructor. Fitness centres also hire lifeguards to supervise the bathroom, monitor aquatic classes or supervise the sauna, and changing rooms.
  • Water parks or water complexes: Water parks and water complexes are subject to large crowds, especially during the holidays, which requires intense and constant surveillance of bathers. As with public or private pools, the role of the lifeguard is to supervise swimmers, do prevention and enforce safety instructions and internal regulations. They are required to perform minor interventions by providing first aid.

Work As A Self-Employed Lifeguard

After a few years of experience as a lifeguard, you can choose to become:

  • personal swim trainer
  • swimming sports instructor

Therefore, when starting out on your own, you may have to give private swimming lessons and therefore target a clientele who are more interested in improving their swimming techniques to find motivation. Others hire a personal swim coach to deal with their fear of water or to master the aquatic world.

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Through private classes, whether they are swimming or aquagym classes, the sports educator provides the swimmer with a particular and regular follow-up throughout the training. Together, they determine the student’s needs and expectations. It follows you in your progress, which is very motivating when you are looking to achieve a precise goal such as gaining confidence, improving breathing, strengthening your muscles or losing weight.

The advantage of working as a freelancer is being able to work in different centres through service contracts, having the possibility of managing your schedule as you see fit and avoiding a certain routine at work. However, it is important not to neglect the administrative aspect that you will have to manage as well as the search for new clients or service providers. The American Lifeguard Association has lifeguard training centres in all major cities that means you can find lifeguard training near you easily.