How to create and manage mail in Plesk hosting panel?

Plesk hosting panel has been enjoying a dominating position in the hosting industry and the popularity is expected to significantly increase with the launch of Plesk Onyx and its newer versions. Along with offering extended support to the hosting providers, resellers, developers and end clients, the Plesk also provides a huge assortment of extensions to take care of all the post hosting and domain purchase requirements like WordPress setup to create site, SEO extensions, etc.

Plesk is certainly in the topmost bracket of user-friendly technologies due to easy processes, simple interface and extended control. With the latest updates in Plesk Obsidian, the user experience has become even much easier.

In this article we will explain about the mail creation and management in Plesk:

How to create an email in Plesk?

  • Sign in to your Plesk admin panel, click Websites and Domains > Mail icon.
  • Click the option Create Email Address under the Email Addresses section.
  • It will take you to the page where you will find a form asking for key details like address, quota, password and more. Fill up this form as per your preferences and requirements.
  • Generally, it is advisable to enable the option Mail Box if you wish to receive the mails as a normal mailbox. If you disable this option your email address will act as an email forwarder.

How to enable email forwarding in Plesk? 

  • For using your ID as an email forwarder just go to domain control panel and click Mail > Desired email address that will act as a forwarder for this mail ID

How to setup email aliases in Plesk?

  • If you wish to set up email aliases you can do so by clicking on the Email aliases option, located just next to the forwarding
  • In the Email alias section just mentions the related username for the mail that you wish to act as an alias. Click OK.

How to remove email address in Plesk?

  • To remove email address visit common control panel and click on Mail tab
  • A list of present email addresses will be displayed
  • Choose the email accounts that you wish to delete and then click the button remove.
  • Click on yes

Plesk Email Troubleshooting: Inaccessible email

  • Not enabling the webmail solutions prevents you from accessing your email. Before wrapping up this procedure first open Mail  Mail Settings and select the related domain name and then explore the Web mail menu to pick the appropriate webmail client.