How To Cook Turkey For My Dog!

You cannot shield your pet from everything. However, you are able to make certain their is fully ready for something that is tossed their way. And the easiest method to do this is as simple as feeding your pet a diet.

And for most of us, which means adding poultry meat for their dog’s regular meals. With this stated, should you aren’t cooking the poultry meat right, your pet may be passing up on all of the different health advantages.

Poultry meat has elevated levels of protein, lower in fat, and possesses a lot of other minerals and vitamins that you could find out about here:

So, if you are already sure that you would like to give your pet poultry meat, the next thing is to learn how to feed it for them.

And in the following paragraphs, we’ll be searching just that. Keep studying to discover the easiest method to prepare poultry for the dog with some other ideas to remember while preparing your dog’s next meal!

Strategies For Cooking Poultry Meat for Dogs

Prior to getting to how you can prepare the poultry meat for the dog, there’s something to keep in mind. Dogs don’t have a similar digestive tract as humans, so things that we are able to stomach might not have exactly the same results together with your pet.

So, before cooking a poultry for the dog, keep these 3 things in your mind

Skip the Bones

While poultry skin, giblets, and all sorts of other areas are great for your pet, you might want to get rid of the bones. Cartoons have proven us over decades that dogs can eat poultry and chicken bones with no problem. However, this isn’t the situation.

Bear in mind that you ought to never feed your pet cooked bones whether or not this originates from poultry, beef, or chicken. It is because cooked bones could possibly get lodged within their throat or digestive tract, causing an array of problems. So, while preparing the meat for the dogs, make certain to get rid of all of the bones and them from your pet.

Ease On Seasoning

Another factor to keep in mind is your dog doesn’t have a similar palette as humans. So, seasoning for example pepper and salt should generally be prevented. While small quantities of certain spices and seasonings won’t harm your pet, it’s best not to accept risk. So, keep things basically when cooking meat for the dog.

Add some Right Vegetables

There’s no problem with adding vegetables for your dog’s food. Actually, there are other than a few vegetables which are very healthy for dogs. However, there might be some vegetables that you would like to prevent inside your dog’s food.

Included in this are onions, raisins, almonds, taters, or the city sprouts. There are lots of other vegetables that won’t sit well inside your dog’s stomach, so it’s better to educate yourself and research before adding any vegetables towards the recipe.

Steps To Make Poultry Pet Food

This can be a easy and simple poultry receipt for dogs. All that’s necessary are a handful of vegetables of the selecting (though we advise carrots, eco-friendly beans, and cauliflower with this recipe) along with a pound of poultry meat. Furthermore, you may also then add poultry liver towards the recipe to improve the health advantages.

Steam the Vegetables

To begin, boil water and set a steam basket regarding this to prepare the vegetables. To ensure they are prepare faster, you are able to chop them into smaller sized pieces. We advise steaming the vegetables until they’re very soft and simple to munch for the dog.

Prepare the Poultry

Next would be to prepare the poultry. All you need to do is use it a skillet on medium-high temperature. This really is to render out all of the fat and also to make certain the meat is fully cooked through. When the poultry is cooked, you are able to drain body fat and set it inside a large bowl with vegetables.


After putting all of the ingredients in a single bowl, the only real factor left to complete is mix the components together. You can include a little bit of essential olive oil to really make it even healthier and tastier for the pet, but it’s only optional.

After mixing the meals, you are able to divide them into equal portions and store it within the freezer!


Preparing food for the dog is a nice easy task. Given that they don’t have a similar tastes as humans, its not necessary to include a lot of ingredients or undergo complicated processes just to help make the food palatable.

However, while you can include different vegetables towards the mix, always make certain that they’re safe for dogs because there are many human ingredients available that may be toxic or hazardous to dogs.

Poultry is really a safe food for dogs and the easiest method to prepare it’s just bland: no salt, no pepper, just steamed in water or grilled. Just remember that condiments are great for people, not for pups.