How Law Firms Use Custom Street Signs to Promote their Brands!

In the world of marketing, the simplest strategies often turn out to be the most effective. Unfortunately for lawyers, they are not familiar with the marketing world and this simple concept of success. That’s why many law firms struggle to properly advertise their brands and services. However, necessity precedes the best innovations.

In 2022, 50% of law firms claimed that they don’t have annual marketing budgets. It’s the COVID19 pandemic’s effect on the legal industry. Many law firms are still struggling to retain their workforces. Hence, they can’t afford expensive marketing techniques like billboards or TV advertising.

This scarcity has turned many law firms towards low-cost marketing tools. Their most cost-effective advertising weapon? Custom-printed street signs. When placed in the right locations, these signs can attract a ton of attention for your brand on a daily basis. Here are some other reasons why law firms love using custom sidewalk/street signs for advertising.

Law Firms and Street Sign Advertising

Again, the main reason law firms use these signs to promote their brands is cost-effectiveness. Launching a local marketing campaign using low-cost marketing signs is much cheaper than advertising on television, radio, or the Internet. Here are some other ways law firms benefit from using these low-cost advertising tools –


Street or sidewalk signs give law firms exposure to two types of people – drivers and people walking on their feet. If your target audience base is located in the “burbs,” your viewers are likelier to drive than walk. Well-designed street or sidewalk signs can attract the attention of such target customers.

Eye-level signages can attract the attention of people walking in both indoor and outdoor locations. Place these signs outside a coffee store, and everyone passing by will notice. Place them inside hotel lobbies, and they’ll again attract a lot of attention. Other marketing tools like billboards or large posters don’t offer this flexibility as they’re not easy to transport.

Target Multiple Locations

Law firms can easily increase their reach by placing their custom-printed advertising signs in different outdoor locations. They can deliver specific messages in specific geographical locations. With custom-printed marketing signs, law firms can –

  • Target prospective clients in new locations. For instance, they can set up their ad signs in specific neighborhoods where their target audiences reside.
  • They can maintain their brand’s popularity by installing the signs in locations where their brand presence is already strong.
  • Law firms can also target public events (e.g., local sporting events) with these signs. These types of events attract large groups of audiences. Why not tell them about your legal services with some custom-printed signs!

Easy to Design

A lot of marketing firms don’t have in-house design or advertising experts. That’s why they struggle to create fancy billboards or online ads. Thankfully, designing small street and sidewalk signs doesn’t require much effort. As long as you don’t lard up your signs with too much information, they will catch the eyes of people. Just ensure that your law firm ads are legible and easy to read at a dist

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