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People who are pass away-difficult enthusiasts of non-veggie foods always wish to investigate a number of fowl. For these people, I have a location where one can get scrumptious non-veggie meals, the title of that position is Hartz Poultry Buffet. But before you go there, I will provide the whole menu of their restaurant.

The food they provide is still the same, even though hartz Chicken Buffet menu has changed a lot in the last few years. They already have fast food on their menu, which includes fried fowl, french fries, yeast infection rolls, fried fish & salads, hot veggies, hot soups, ice-lotion, and beverages. Anyone will have a food for close to $40.00.

The aforementioned can be a brief release of the items is waiting for you at the Hartz Chicken breast Buffet. To explore complete information about Hartz Chicken Buffet, make certain to check out the menu under. Just before you proceed to check out Hartz Chicken Buffet Menu Prices, healthy malfunction, business details and other info, keep reading a short historic description from the cafe.

Hartz Fowl Buffet is an Us quickly-food items diner, started in 1972 in Texas, United States. W. Lawrence Hartzog Sr. started off Hartz Chicken breast Buffet and now, they already have more than 60 places by two nations, using its headquarters inTexas and Spring, U . S ..

Hartz Poultry Buffet Food selection Costs

Hartz Chicken Buffet menu involves crispy seafood; crispy tenders; for crispy fowl fanatics, they have got crispy poultry combos. They have drinks like water fountain drink, iced tea and gallon tea.

Hartz Fowl Buffet menu makes up food for household parties like merged, fowl only; kid’s food selection includes poultry combination and tender combo.

To lift their dishes’ preference, they have included fresh vegetables and sides like mashed potatoes, potato gravy, crispy fries; for enchanting sweets, they already have fresh fruits cobbler, bread pudding.

Hartz Poultry Buffet seeks to serve the best of recipes in the most fascinating way. People love to see Hartz Chicken Buffet since they offer adequate levels of fowl things with some other kinds. The grade of their meals is awesome exceptional.

Hartz Fowl Buffet menu pricing is inexpensive and individuals can fill their belly at the low price. Their price range begins from $1.00 and stops at $40.00. So, without waiting, let’s check the latest Hartz Chicken Buffet Menu Prices.

Crispy Fish Everyday

Crispy Fish (2 Pieces) $6.99
Crispy Fish (3 Pieces) $7.99
Crispy Fish (6 Pieces) $9.59
Crispy Fish (12 Pieces) $17.99

Oven Fresh Yeast Rolls

Yeast Roll $0.59

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Crispy Tenders

Tender Combo (4) $7.29
Tender (4) $4.69
Tender Combo (7) $9.19
Tender (7) $7.69
Tender Combo (16) $26.99
Tender (16) $18.99
Tender Combo (24) $35.99
Tender (24) $27.99

Crispy Chicken Combos

Dark Combo (2 Pieces) $5.99
White Combo (2 Pieces) $6.99
Dark Combo (3 Pieces) $7.19
White Combos (3 Pieces) $8.99

Family Orders

Mixed (8 Pieces) $18.99
Chicken Only (8 Pieces) $12.99
Mixed (12 Pieces) $26.99
Chicken Only (12 Pieces) $18.99
Mixed (16 Pieces) $33.99
Chicken Only (16 Pieces) $21.99
Mixed (20 Pieces) $36.99
Chicken Only (20 Pieces) $27.99

Kid’s Combos

Kid’s Chicken Combo $4.19
Kid’s Tender Combo $4.59

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Vegetables & Sides

Mashed Potatoes $1.89
Potatoes Gravy $1.89
Creamy Coleslaw $1.89
Pinto Beans & Rice $1.89
Vegetable of the Day $1.89
Crispy Fries $1.89
Crispy Okra $1.89
Jalapenos $0.29
Corn on the Cob $0.99


Fruit Cobbler $1.89
Bread Pudding $1.89


Fountain Drink $1.49
Iced Tea $1.49
Gallon Tea $5.99