Great Choices of Panties and Bras in Cosmolle!

When it comes to finding our favorite underwear, it can totally be hard task because there can be so many options around. And it will all depend on what we are looking for. There are so many types of underwear to wear. There are the sexy ones made of lace, the sports bra or seamless bras that bring you comfort. The general ones that make us feel sexy but are not made of lace.

Choices of Panties and Bras in Cosmolle

If what you’re looking for when you want to buy new underwear is comfort, then I highly recommend you to get best underwear and if possible, also seamless bras. Why? They’re really comfortable and you’ll feel like you’re wearing nothing. The seams won’t be digging into your skin and you will have an overall freedom feeling too.

One place where you can find seamless bras and panties is Cosmolle. They really do have great choices for you to choose from. They are a brand that offers the most comfortable underwear. Why? Well, for starters, they’re a brand where your comfort comes first and their products are made by women for women… because nobody better than a woman to know what we want right?

Their products are 3D printed, meaning that they’ll be keeping their shape, which is something great. They are wire free and are made with less material and less sewing and seems which makes them really pain free. And their bras, that you can get on a most comfortable bra, have breathable cups, which is great too.

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What are the benefits of their underwear?

Well, as I’ve been mentioning, their first and most important benefits is for sure the comfort. Since like we’ve said before, with them you don’t need to compromise comfort to feel and look good. And let’s be honest, that’s something we women tend to do. Wear uncomfortable things for the sake of just looking good when internally we just want to get home and get rid of it.

What are the benefits of their underwear

You might be an eco-friendly person or not, but whatever you are, you have to know that their products are. Every time a brand becomes eco-friendly, I think it’s great because we need to take more care of our planet earth. We have destroyed way too much already and I hope those who comes after us, will be able to enjoy it.

Also, their products are collagen infused, and this is because they are made with Collagen Polyamide Yarn, that are biomimetic fibers that have a permanent and unique coating of collagen. This is a very buttery soft and luxurious fabric that doesn’t only give you comfort but also takes care and loves your skin.

If you’re wondering how they make the Collagen Polyamide Yarn, well this is another part of their eco-friendly journey, as they use recycled fish scales that they buy from farming fisheries. And after they go through an intense round of purification, the fish scales become into it. Then they’re weaved into fabric and 3D printed, making smoother lines and having more energy efficiency.