Gmail not syncing with iPhone

Gmail and iPhone are 2 major names in the world of services with huge demand and popularity worldwide. These two works as a superior service platform throughout the globe but when these two come together to work with collaboration, some problem might arise. Such a problem can be seen with the issue of the iPhone not connecting with Gmail. Many iPhone users are undergoing this issue of syncing problem.

Gmail not syncing with the iPhone is not a new immerged issue. This issue has been witnessed usually a lot frequently, so no need to panic if you are also going through such a problem. Since many users are finding this issue unfixable, therefore we are here with the complete solution to the problem of Gmail not syncing with the iPhone.

How to Fix Gmail not syncing with iPhone

iPhone not working with Gmail could be because of many reasons. From device settings to External setup, we have listed all the possible solutions you could try to solve your problem.

1. Internet Connection

A proper working internet connection is a must throughout the procedure of syncing. If your internet connection is slow, interrupted and buffers in between then it is suggested to switch your internet connection to 4G lite or with a fibre Wi-Fi connection.

To connect to a cellular network, follow these Settings Cellular > Cellular Data. It will turn the slider to green from white which indicates it’s ON.

You can also try to put your device/iPhone on airplane mode for a while and then turn on the data; this can also work in improving your internet connection.

2. Correct Username and Password

Whenever you enter your username or password during login into Gmail, make sure you have entered the correct and already registered username and password. If you aren’t able to open your Gmail, not able to sync it with your device or are not able to import/export any emails further, then it could be because of the incorrect username and password you have entered.

Until and unless you will enter the proper username and password, Gmail will keep sending you popup messages or notifications to enter the correct username and password again. SO make sure your credentials entry is correct.

3. Restart the device

Restarting the device could be the simplest and useful method you should try initially. Restarting the device will end the entire third-party app running behind the process of syncing and will provide you with a smooth and clear platform to operate your function. Restarting an iPhone have the capability to solve tons of problems like that.

4. Restart Mail app

Just the way you restarted the device, similarly, try restarting the Gmail app you use. Quit it and relaunch it as it will remove all the bugs and unnecessary blockage creating errors.

5. Fix email settings.

Email settings play a major role in deciding the working of your Gmail in correspondence to other apps or devices. Go to the Configuration setting and switch POP to IMAP. IMAP works like a helpful hand in the syncing process as well as other smooth and fine functioning of Gmail.

6. Update iOS

Updating Gmail is not enough for building the pathway to the fine working of syncing process. You need to update your iOS software too so that they both could work in harmony. Upgradation acts as one of the best troubleshooting methods to fix such issues as most of the time, outdated versions of the app or software don’t support few features that create blocks in the proper working of devices and apps. Moreover, Updating iOS will also remove bugs and corrupted files from the system that was lagging its function.

7. Make sufficient storage

If you have loaded your mail or your iPhone with junk and spam messages and mail exceeding the storage capacity without leaving any space for further usage, then it is time to clean all the unnecessary junk and spam emails and make sufficient storage for the sync process. Syncing process requires sufficient space to get in linked up with each other and if your Gmail or even your iPhone got no sufficient space to full fill the task of syncing then it will go on halt and stop in between so it’s better to make sufficient storage for fine working of syncing process.

8. Delete email account and reset

If none of the above-mentioned steps has helped you to fix syncing of Gmail to iPhone, then it is recommended to delete your email account from your device and reset it again. Sometimes deleting account for once also remove bugs, malware and other obstacle creating third party apps which in returns helps us to gain a clean and settled platform to operate our sync in process. Once you reset your email account to the device, recheck all the above steps and settings of both Gmail and Iphone, and then continue with syncing of Gmail with Iphone.