Enola Holmes 2: Here’s Every Actor Returning For The Netflix Sequel

Enola Holmes: Netflix Announces Part 2 – These Stars Have Been In!

Netflix has formally announced “Enola Holmes 2”! knows which stars have been in the follow up towards the hit movie about Sherlock Holmes’ sister!

  • Streaming service Netflix has provided “Enola Holmes 2” the eco-friendly light!
  • The follow up towards the 2020 hit doesn’t yet come with an official start date.
  • Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill return as Enola and A Virtual Detective.

In September 2020 the short-paced family film “Enola Holmes” switched out to become a success for Netflix. No question the streaming service has formally announced the 2nd part.

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The return of Millie Bobby Brown (“Stranger Things”) and Henry Cavill (“The Witcher”) was confirmed inside a tweet. Just like part one, you’ll again work with director Harry Bradbeer and screenwriter Jack Thorne.

The brand new film is again in line with the book series by Nancy Springer. The tweet only confirms the return of Henry Cavill and Millie Bobby Brown. It remains seen whether Mike Claflin will return because the third Holmes brother or sister, Mycroft.

However, Claflin had already announced in September 2020 he was getting an enjoyable experience filming and the man would like to return if Netflix requested him. Therefore we could be almost sure that Mycroft is going to be there again.

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A start date for “Enola Holmes 2” hasn’t yet been announced. Fans can anticipate seeing the follow up towards the story of Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes’ sister on Netflix within the summer time of 2022.