Egg Pod Reviews 2022 Get All Details

What’s Egg Pod

Egg Pod is really a microwave egg oven and peeler. Should you put an egg inside a regular container within the microwave, it’ll explode. Why Egg Pod works happens because the eggs are enclosed in aluminum that blocks the microwaves. The eggs are really cooked in the steam and never microwave radiation. There’s a bottom aluminum insert the eggs sit in along with a top aluminum insert that matches in to the top plastic cover. The merchandise is made to make hard-steamed eggs. Soft-steamed eggs is going to be too soft for that shake and peel function. 9 minutes is definitely an average prepare item for 4 eggs inside a standard microwave. You are able to adjust by 30 second increments to prepare the eggs just how you want them


You have to awesome the eggs for just two minutes before peeling. The cold water helps make the egg contract and makes peeling from the covering simpler. You are able to run cold water for just two minutes, or just add freshwater and add ice, then wait 2 minutes.

Don’t take away the water/ice before trembling. Water is essential for that peeling process.

Shake firmly, up and lower, 10 occasions. When the shells don’t fall quickly, it’s since you didn’t shake it tough enough.

Inasmuch because the Egg Pod looks legit, the primary concern of the review would be to determine whether it meets its name, which review would expose all that is required to understand about it.

Does Egg Pod Actually work?

There are plenty of online reviews around the Egg pod, although some claims it really works all right, others declare that it doesn’t work, although some express it works best for the very first couple of days and stops. Others reported eggs exploding.

  • I had been so excited to obtain my EggPod. I just read with the instructions and viewed the recording.
  • I acquired everything pointed in the microwave.
  • Four minutes in, the microwave door blew open having a loud bang. There is exploded egg everywhere. The EggPod itself didn’t explode.
  • The eggs inside did. There have been egg guts everywhere. Within the microwave, the doorway, your cabinet and also the floor.
  • I investigated obtaining a refund determined that I wouldn’t return the handling and shipping and that i would need to pay to get it shipped back to get reimbursement.
  • This isn’t well worth the hastle. No way, but Let me tell my buddies not to order one.


Love the egg pod is effective. Eliminates water mess when trembling pod to get rid of shells. Inside a pot method using egg introduced to room temp first I’d bring water inside a pot to boil first then place in eggs, letting slow boil for 12 min. Then drain warm water add cold water add lid now shake (water would still splash by helping cover their lid on pot – untidy). However using the Egg Pod Reviews it’s much simpler. Haven’t attempted using eggs out of fridge yet to find out if which makes any difference. Will attempt and find out basically can get rid of the hrs of letting eggs arrived at room temp first. Only lower side is by using pot method I possibly could prepare many eggs at any given time rather of just 4. However I still like the egg pod.


It really works. I like it. It really works similar to the ad said’s it will. And also the eggs ends up pealed. It’s totally well worth the cost. Even though you don’t desire a hard boil eggs constantly it it worth buying.


  • Some Options That Come With Egg Pod
  • Microwave Egg Oven and Peeler cooks and peels hard steamed eggs
  • Uses the strength of the Microwave to steam perfectly hard steamed eggs
  • Unique Design peels cooked eggs for you personally within minutes
  • Space-saving the perception of compact storage
  • BPA Free Plastic
  • Using it
  • Simply Add Water
  • Put Your Eggs
  • Prepare Within The Microwave
  • Shake The Egg Pod™ &
  • The Covering Slides Quickly!


  • No peeling shells
  • Fast and simple to make use of
  • good value


  • Handle could be hot after use within the microwave


Of all the indications, it’s obvious the Egg pod works although there are several negative reviews from customers, there’s also reviews that are positive too. We however propose that customers obtain the original by purchasing from the trustworthy online shop or in the manufacturers website, to prevent being scammed.