Does Insurance Cover Addiction Rehab?

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The rate of addiction cases in our society can be estimated to have increased substantially. Addiction to substance and alcohol is one of the problems that have eaten deep into our society today. Men, women and even teens can get addicted to drugs. It is widely known that addiction has caused a lot of psychological and social problems for people.

There are several substances that people can get addicted to. Hard drugs like cocaine, narcotics, marijuana, heroin and even anti-depressants and sedatives are constantly abused. And it is a known fact that drug abuse has a very heavy negative effect on the brain.

Medical practitioners and experts have revealed the adverse effects of substance abuse and alcohol abuse. This informed the setting up of rehabilitation centers for the purpose of offering adequate addiction treatment to individuals in need of it.

Most addicts fear the cost of paying for their treatment as it is quite expensive. However, it is a fortunate thing that recovery and the process of treating addiction can be covered by health insurance. This is to ensure that addiction treatment is easily accessible.

There are health insurance companies around your location that include rehabilitation plan in their insurance policy. If you stay around Colorado or California, you can check out the Meritain Health Insurance drug rehab to know more about the kind of help that is available toaddicts.

It is important to note that only addicts can make the choice of quitting constant drug use/abuse and start the recovery journey. However, close friends and family may provide encouragement and support to help them from relapsing.

Addiction Treatment

Nowadays, people rely heavily on alcohol and various substances to help them relieve stress. Addicts always believe that the constant intake of certain drugs gives them the energy they need. Quitting substance dependence is a possible; however, it isa gradual process. Althoughit is a chronic disease that affects the brain, it is treatable with certain measures.

As earlier mentioned, the brain suffers the most from uncontrolled substance and drug use. The brain’s function may alter, thereby making it lose its structure. The brain tries to make changes and adjust to a new pattern, this is why recovery from addiction is quite difficult.

Addiction treatment includes counseling, medications and other behavioral therapies used as measures to help an individual recover from substance dependence. It can only be carried out in a licensed facility with medical practitioners and consultants. An addiction treatment facility is popularly called Rehabilitation center (Rehab center). The consultants in rehabilitation centers ensure to provide attention, close monitoring and supervision of patients in their care.

Usually, a well-equipped facility combines different treatments to ensure successful recovery of patients. Most times, people dread treatment failure more than recovery itself. The following are some of the treatments that rehabilitation facilities offer:

Diagnosis And Proper Evaluation

Just as hospitals diagnose and evaluate a patient’s condition before doing anything, rehabs ensure to carry out some processes to evaluate the individual’s condition.

Diagnosis and evaluation are basically done to find out the substance taken, the level of intake and the extent to which the individual has been affected by the substance. This is also to enhance the recovery and aftercare process.


Medical detox basically refers to the purging of the body system of all harmful substances. This is usually the first addiction treatment offered by rehabs. It prepares the patient for proper care and reduces the potential of carving to use such substance again. This is mostly done on patients that would reside in the facility for a long while. Such patients are monitored for 30 – 90 days.

Behavioral therapies and counseling

This is another important measure used in rehab centers. Several therapies and counseling sessions are undergone by individuals who have decided to quit certain controlled substance.

The therapies used vary based on the patient’s situation and the substance abused. This type of treatment is basically used to help the patient quench all cravings and urge to take the drug again. Check this article to read more about how the combination of medicine and therapies work.

Factors That Health Insurance Companies Consider to Cover Addiction Rehab

The coverage of various types of addiction treatment is usually included in health insurance plans.Picking the right health insurance company may be a hard task. This is because these companies have loads of plans and policies available.

Check to explore the tips that would help you choose the right health insurance plan. However, the level at which your insurance program will cover rehabilitation treatment depends on a lot of factors. These factors include the following:

Insurance Policy

The policy you chose will determine whether the insurance company would cover rehab cost or not.  This is a major factor because deductibles, copays, coinsurance and other costs make plans vary. The benefits attached to each policy are also different. Click here to explore the tips that would help you choose the right health insurance plan.

Treatment Provider

This is another factor that is considered. Most times, health insurance companies work in collaboration with rehabilitation centers. This is to facilitate communication on the coverage of expenses treatment may incur. The rehab center you may want to choose may only offer inpatient treatment, meanwhile your plan covers only outpatient treatment.

Individual Need

Rehabilitation cost also depends heavily on the level of care needed. Staying in the facility or rehabilitation center may incur high cost as there is provision of exclusive care. Coming to the facility on scheduled dates may incur less cost.

However, a good health insurance company will consider the needs of their client to determine how much coverage is needed for their recovery.


Addiction treatment is very important and that is why rehab centers were designed. Because of the need for addiction treatment, health insurance companies have specific plans for its coverage. There are a lot of insurance companies that offer suitable policies that cover treatment needed for recovery.

It is advisable to check out the benefits attached to a health insurance policy and the factors to be considered. This will help you make adequate preparations and an informed decision.

you can also take Aetna insurance coverage for addiction treatment which is accepted by most of rehab centers.