Do All Casinos Operate with Random Number Generator Technology?

The RNG (Random Number Generator) is an integral part of any online casino game setup, and the same can be said for video-based casino games in land-based casinos. But what exactly do they do?

The RNG effectively decides who wins and who loses on casino games based on a complex sequence of maths. But do all casinos operate with random number technology? What would happen without it? We’ve got all the answers coming right up.

What does the random number generator determine?

For any mechanical or software-based slot machines, the RNG determines whether or not a play is going to result in a win. For example, it will determine which card is drawn next in an online blackjack game or where the ball is going to land on some online roulette – also try Jungle Jackpots slot.

A lot mathematics has to go into this. For the RNG to work out how often to award a win on a slot game, for example, it will need to incorporate a number of factors, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • The hit rate: the percentage of spins that result in a win is the hit rate of the slot. Remember, wins will always be of different values, which builds another complication into the mix.
  • The RTP: the Return to Player rate of a slot, or the RTP for short, refers to how much of a player’s stake they can expect to receive back over $1,000,000 in spins. So, a 96% RTP would award back an average of $960,000 in this scenario.
  • Bonus features: additional slot game features such as free spins, pick-me bonus rounds and wild symbol also have an effective on the hit rate, the prizes awarded and more. This is where things can get even more complicated for the people who design the RNG!

Which types of casinos operate with random number generator technology?

For physical casino games, such as a land-based roulette wheel or a physical card game of blackjack with a real-life dealer, there is, of course, no need for the random number generator. In these types of games, the real world does the talking! We’re talking about the dice, the cards and the wheel.

However, in all of other cases (such as any video poker game, video slots or any online casino game, except those with a live dealer), the RNG will be called into action. So, if we’re talking about online casinos, the answer to the question ‘do all casinos operate with random number generator technology?’ would be a yes.

Last thoughts on random number generator technology

The RNG of any casino game requires a complex set of maths, and we do not envy the people who have to design them. You have to take your hat off to those who do, however, as without random number generator technology, we simply would not be able to play the online (or video) casino games we have access to today.