Dissertation Editor’s Tips for Students

Dissertation Editor's Tips for Students

Editing makes the dissertation perfect after ruling out the possibility of mistakes. It is essential to know the significance of editing in academic writing. Let us unfold the varied facets of dissertation, its importance, and tips to edit one.

What is a dissertation?

If you are pursuing a post-graduate or doctoral degree, you might be aware of the dissertation. A dissertation is a research-based writing piece on a topic assigned by the department or selected by the student. A standard dissertation lies between ten and twenty thousand words. It is a mandatory task set by the university, largely beneficial in bagging the degree.

The professors evaluate the student’s writing, research, analytical, problem solving, time management skills, and awareness of the topic through the dissertation. 

Why is it important?

It is an essential writing piece that significantly holds weight in the final assessment of grades to the students.

  • Student can prove their skills as a researcher.
  • It allows students to identify their area of interest or expertise.
  • It sharpens individuals’ skills to explore the subject in-depth and use various tools to fetch relevant sources and information.
  • Writing a dissertation is a way to prove your abilities. You have to show that you deserve the degree as you are worth it.

How to write a dissertation?

Here are a few tips to finish your dissertation without any hassle. All you need to do is write your dissertation following the directions mentioned below:

  1. Select a dissertation topic of your choice
  2. Start early and work daily
  3. Allot time limit for each section
  4. Analyze the requirements carefully before you start with your writing part
  5. Do not take the literature review lightly
  6. Receive feedback from your professors/instructors
  7. Make a plan
  8. Write the introduction
  9. Take assistance from professionals, if necessary

Using the tips, you can manage the dissertation writing task without any hassle and finish it before the deadline.

Tips to edit a dissertation!!!

1. Do not attempt to edit the document in a single sitting:

A dissertation is a lengthy document, and editing the whole document in one day could be hectic. It is not feasible to edit your dissertation completely without taking breaks.

Finishing the work in a rush could lead to the negligence of some significant areas for editing. It is not acceptable as it might affect the grades.  

2. Review the dissertation in chunks:

Divide the entire dissertation solution into multiple small parts. Take editing slow, by taking baby steps. Make a proper plan mentioning how many pieces you will finish in a day. Follow the procedure thoroughly.

Proofread each part one by one and highlight the errors at the same time you encounter. You can also make notes of each glitch to ensure that you do not miss anything at the time of editing.  

3. Edit the dissertation line by line:

Edit your dissertation sentence by sentence following a bottom-up approach. Cut out the long sentences that might confuse the reader or enhance the complexity. Break the sentences where it is possible which improves the clarity of the content.

Again, reread the document to ensure that you have successfully eliminated all the errors related to sentence phrasing and choice of words. Reading aloud will help you highlight the prominent issues in the style of writing.

Check for typos and punctuations mistakes in the sentences. Check whether the sentences are grammatically correct and are meaningful or not.  

4. Use online tools:

Use reliable online tools to check the spelling, grammar, and punctuation. You cannot rely entirely on a spell checker as it cannot detect all types of mistakes. However, using online tools for error detection can ease out the editing tasks for you.

5. Ask someone to proofread:

Ask your friend or anybody known to proofread the dissertation document which you have recently edited. Sometimes, some errors might skip while editing, or you are unable to detect them while proofreading. Those errors could be identified if someone else read your document.

If the other person approves your document after cross-checking it, you have finished your task successfully.

If you still encounter errors in the document or the other person suggests some changes, consider those changes. Do not edit blindly; try to make sure you are moving in the right direction.  

6. Follow the feedback/comments from your professor:

Do not overlook the professor’s suggestions who has checked your dissertation and asked you to modify certain portions. The professors analyze the style of writing and recommend the changes if required.

Use their comments as your primary guide as it will strengthen your arguments and make your editing easier. You can even use other methods for research and focus on the writing style.  

7. Refer to style guide manual:

Citation is quite crucial for academic writing tasks. Format your dissertation in APA, MLA, or any other citation format. You need to be familiar with the relevant style guide for citing the references used in your dissertation. As the dissertation is entirely based on research, the mistakes related to referencing cannot be tolerated. Be careful while citing the sources.

8. Hire a professional editor:

Editing is not everyone’s cup of tea, as you need to possess exceptional skills to perform it effectively. A professional editor can rectify the common mistakes made. Hence, make sure that your dissertation conveys clear meaning to the audience. Quality cannot be replaced by anything; when you work on academic projects, you must be precise and meet the requirements. If you are not sure about the quality of your work, the relevance of the content, or the document’s authenticity, hiring a professional Dissertation Editing Services in UK provider would be the best option.


Editing is the most critical part that makes the document perfect and grabs the reader’s attention. Students must have decent editing skills that will help in beautifying their work. An Expert Dissertation Editor can give a professional touch to your final document. If you are looking for a reliable online Dissertation Editing Services, connect with LiveWebTutors to experience commendable academic growth.

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