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Thinking of a poultry mate and looking and searching out for any newest and best Church’s Poultry List Charges over the internet? If yes. Herein, I will advise you the current Church’s Fowl Menus with deals, If yes, then you’ve come to the right place.

Church’s Chicken is famous for palm-battered fried chicken. Their navigation includes chicken sandwich, particular person combos, basic ends, lovely addresses, refreshments, feeds 2, home feast rss feeds 4, friends and family feast rss feeds 6 and household absolute favorites.

This has been just a review of their list and the full food selection is stated under. Besides the menu, I will also advise you the business aspects, details, and also health failure with the materials found on his or her list. Let’s check some history of Church’s Chicken menu, but before knowing all this.

In 1952, across the street belonging to the Alamo in San Antonio, TX, George W. Chapel launched the most important Church’s Fried Chicken To-Go. With crispy hand and goodness-created tastes, Chuch’s Fowl has grown to become America’s most pleasurable. They have about 1009 retailers in U.S, The United States, Caribbean, South America, Asia, more and Europe.

Church’s Poultry List Charges

Church’s Poultry list includes many different poultry products which are boneless wings, breasts pieces, chicken sandwiches, fowl upper thighs, and a lot more.

In Chicken breast Sandwiches, they have already Fowl Sandwich, Hot and spicy Chicken breast Sandwich, Chicken Sandwich XL Combo, Poultry Sandwich Give 4 Combo plus more and moremore and many other things. They have single selections along the lines of 5 Piece Texas Tenders™ Combo.

If you’re checking out with your loved ones, then you can buy their loved ones Feast Rss feeds 4 and children and Spouse Feast Feeds 6 which feature 12 Portions Blended Chicken breast Meal, 16 Part Texas Tenders™ Supper, 18 Parts Varying Chicken 9 and Meal Sections Put together Fowl & 12 Section Texas Tenders™ Dinner.

You can even consider their Honey-Butter Biscuits and Jalapeño Peppers. They have sides inside their navigation just like Prepared Apple And Cheddar cheese, Cole Slaw, Corn in the Cob, Mashed Carrots plus more and moremore and many other things.

The favourite meal for the Church’s Fried Chicken breast is their chicken Wings. But their purchaser adores every one and all on his or her list. Dipped in darling, and force made, The many chicken breast supported during the Church’s Fried Chicken breast has been flavoured with all the Popular Menu spices prior to being breaded.

So without waiting more, let’s check out the latest Church’s Chicken menu with prices.

Chicken Sandwich

Chicken Sandwich $3.99
Spicy Chicken Sandwich $3.99
Chicken Sandwich Combo $6.99
Spicy Chicken Sandwich Combo $6.99
Chicken Sandwich XL Combo $9.99
Spicy Chicken Sandwich XL Combo $9.99
Chicken Sandwich Feed 4 Combo $25.99
Spicy Chicken Sandwich Feed 4 Combo $25.99

Individual Combos

5 Piece Texas Tenders™ Combo $10.99

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Feeds 2

10 Piece Texas Tenders™ Meal $20.99
6 Pieces Mixed Chicken Meal $17.98

Family Feast Feeds 4

12 Pieces Mixed Chicken Meal $32.99
12 Pieces of Mixed Chicken $25.99
16 Piece Texas Tenders™ Meal $32.99
6 Pieces Mixed Chicken & 8 Piece Texas Tenders™ Meal $34.99

Family Feast Feeds 6

18 Pieces Mixed Chicken Meal $44.99
9 Pieces Mixed Chicken & 12 Piece Texas Tenders™ Meal $44.99
9 Pieces Mixed Chicken & 12 Piece Texas Tenders™ Meal $47.99

House Favorites

Honey-Butter Biscuits (12) $8.49
Honey-Butter Biscuits (6) $4.49
Honey-Butter Biscuits (3) $2.49
Honey-Butter Biscuit (1) $0.89
Jalapeño Pepper (1) $0.49
Jalapeño Peppers (3) $1.39
Jalapeño Peppers (5) $1.99

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Classic Sides

Classic Sides Regular Large
Fries $2.49 $4.49
Jalapeño Cheese Bombers® $2.49 $4.49
Baked Mac & Cheese $2.49 $4.49
Cole Slaw $2.49 $4.49
Fried Okra $2.49 $4.49
Corn on the Cob $2.49 $4.49
Mashed Potatoes $2.49 $4.49

Sweet Treats

Apple Pie (4) $5.29
Apple Pie (1) $1.29
Frosted Honey-Butter Biscuits (8) $8.28
Frosted Honey-Butter Biscuits (4) $4.49


Coke® (30 oz.) $1.89
Diet Coke® (30 oz.) $1.89
Sprite® (30 oz.) $1.89
Fanta® Strawberry (30 oz.) $1.89
Minute Maid® Lemonade (30 oz.) $1.89
Dr Pepper® (30 oz.) $1.89
Gallon of Church’s Unsweetened Tea $4.99
Hi-C® Flashin’ Fruit Punch (30 oz.) $1.89
Gallon of Church’s Southern Sweet Tea® $4.99
Gallon of Minute Maid® Lemonade $4.99
Gallon of Hi-C® Flashin’ Fruit Punch $4.99