Chicago PD Season 9: Upton’s Proposal Secures An Emotion-Filled Delivery

The Chicago PD finale around the NBC network includes a surprise proposal from Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos), it’s she who asks Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) the issue. Hailey Upton informs Jay Halstead that they loves him before suggesting they place their relationship one stage further.

Thatrrrs the true question that persists within the minds of fans from the series and we’ll have to hang about until season 9 to understand the solution. It is because Upton’s proposal was area of the many cliffhangers in the finish.

Halstead could decide to accept Upton’s proposal because of the strong feelings he’s on her in acknowledging that this is the following reasonable part of their relationship, further assuring Upton that he’ll not go anywhere and suggesting that they don’t hurry to marry on impulse.

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If Halstead states yes to Upton’s suggestion they marry, we’re able to begin to see the couple marry in Chicago season 9 PS However, we will need to wait to determine what Halstead’s response to Upton’s proposal is going to be.

If Halstead and Upton plan to marry, it appears incredibly likely the couple will choose a simpler courtroom wedding than some extravagant grand affair.

With the way Upton suggested to Halstead, we might be able to begin to see the couple get married at some stage in Chicago PS season 9 However, there’s been no confirmation from the wedding between your actors.

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