Chaka Khan Net Worth 2021 Biography, Career, Height, and Assets

What is Chaka Khan’s net worth?

Net Worth: $30 Million
Age: 67
Born: March 23, 1953
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Professional Singer
Last Updated: 2021


By 2021, Chaka Khan’s internet worth is believed to become roughly $$ 30 million.

Chaka Khan, born Yvette Marie Stevens, is definitely an American recording artist known in the funk band, Rufus. She’s from Chicago Illinois. Khan is called the Queen of Funk and Soul and she or he has offered 70 million records worldwide and she or he has won 10 Grammys.

Khan acquired her recognition when her band Rufus released their debut album in 1973.

Early Existence

Chaka Khan was created in Chicago Illinois around the 23rd of March, 1953. She’s the oldest of 5 children born to Sandra Coleman and Charles Stevens.

Khan was elevated like a Catholic, she got motivated to do jazz due to her grandmother. Her grandmother introduced her to jazz and funk that was a primary reason why she desired to start her career like a funk and jazz queen.

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Khan dropped from her senior high school and began to do in small groups around Chicago.


Khan grew to become mixed up in black power movement in 1969.

She became a member of Black Panther Party and her, afterwards, began to utilize organizations that helped kids to consume breakfast. Following year she stated goodbye to highschool and dropped to pursue her career like a singer.

She began to do with small groups around Chicago and after that year she became a member of Rufus. The planet took its first taste of Khan’s voice once the band released their debut album in 1973, which acquired a large success.

The follow-up album Rags To Rufus seemed to be a large smash. Stevie Question-penned for that band using the song Let Me Know Something Good which offered greater than a million copies. Rufus received a Grammy Award for the best R&B Vocal Performance.

Rufus ongoing to have many successes within the next coming year. This guitar rock band has scored a ten top hit Sweet Factor that was compiled by Chaka Khan which rose to the top R&B charts and it was additionally a 5 hit.

Khan began her solo career within the late 1970’s. She released her debut album Chaka Khan in 1978 which featured no. 1 R&B hit. Although the recognition of her albums eventually declined with shifting musical trends she still help with critically acclaimed music. She won a Grammy in 1990 and after that year she began to feature in soundtracks.

Khan has collaborated with a few worldwide famous artists ever. She’d a large success together with her band Rufus, as well as during her solo career. Khan may be the queen of funk and Jazz.

By 2021, Chaka Khan’s internet worth is believed to become roughly $$ 30 million.


Here are some of the best highlights of Chaka Khan’s career:

  • Naughty (1980)
  • Chaka Khan Album (1982)
  • I Feel For You (1984)
  • American Music Award (Favorite Female Artist, 1985)
  • ck (1988)
  • The Woman I Am (1992)
  • Come 2 My House (1998)
  • ClassiKhan (2004)
  • Funk This (2007)
  • Soul Train Awards (Legends Awards, 2009)

Favorite Quotes from Chaka Khan

“I would have been an archaeologist or something, maybe a historian. There are a lot of things I would have liked to have done differently, but everything that happened to me made me the person I am today. No matter how negative it seemed at the time or whatever hardship it seemed to have been at that time, I’m just the sum of all those amazing experiences.” – Chaka Khan

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“A song is not going to change this damn world. Instead of making people mad about this shitty situation, it’s going to make everybody happy. It’s a false thing. It’s like a lullaby as opposed to a gun. People need to be slapped into reality and music just doesn’t do that.” – Chaka Khan

“I control my life and I have never let success run away with me – I’ve taken it and ran. And the only thing that could threaten my stability is me – I’m my only threat and my own worst enemy. Beyond that, I don’t feel successful. I’m nowhere near where I plan to be as far as my goals.” – Chaka Khan

“America breeds ambition and while that can be a good thing, sometimes it’s not. Ambition also breeds competition and that can be a very bad thing. People become chronically preoccupied with competing and don’t know when to stop. It can become unhealthy.” – Chaka Khan

“You’ve just got to follow your own path. You have to trust your heart and you have to listen to the warnings. … You can’t argue with the universe. It’s not about that. It’s more about relaxing and knowing that you can handle it and feel empowered. Knowing you have the power to do whatever the hell you want to do. That’s what it’s about. It really is.” – Chaka Khan


Chaka Khan is among the best female jazz and soul artists worldwide. She’s released lots of albums and offered countless copies of her music.

By 2021, Chaka Khan’s internet worth is believed to become roughly $$ 30 million.

She’ll forever remain because the Queen of Funk.