Carey Mulligan’s husband Marcus Mumford crashes ‘SNL’ monologue: ‘Where are the kids?’

Carey Mulligan's husband Marcus Mumford crashes 'SNL' monologue 'Where are the kids'

Carey Mulligan located “Saturday Night Live” the very first time a few days ago. Or was that Michelle Johnson?

The Oscar-nominated “Promising Youthful Lady” star began her monologue joking how people frequently confuse her for that “Manchester through the Ocean” actress.

“Us citizens will always be saying nice items to me like, ‘I loved you in “Brokeback Mountain”‘ and ‘You’re amazing in “Fosse/Verdon,”‘” Mulligan stated. “I did previously say, ‘Oh, sorry, that’s Michelle Williams’ however I simply say, ‘Thank you. I am Michelle Johnson.'”

The British actress spoke about quarantining within the British countryside together with her husband, Mumford & Sons frontman Marcus Mumford, as well as their two youthful kids, Evelyn, 6, and Wilfred, 3. She described channeling “everything dramatic energy” into her children’s bed time tales during lockdown, joking, “Plenty of lately divorced dragons and unicorns with secret pill habits. So I am excited to become here tonight to allow a number of that energy out.”

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Mumford, that has made an appearance on “SNL” as musical guest three occasions, sprang in the crowd section at Studio 8H mid-monologue.

“Exactly what a surprise,” Mulligan stated. “Hello, lovely to determine you. Where would be the kids?”

“I left all of them with the Sons,” Mumford responded. “Could not miss this for that world. You are gonna smash it, really. ‘SNL,’ this really is amazing. Be sure that you soak it in because after it’s over you are gonna consider it constantly. Like, constantly.”

Then he requested, “Are you aware when they booked a musical guest for tonight? When they finish up requiring anybody I am happy to get it done. Really, I’ve my guitar.”

Mumford then softly performed Mulligan out as “SNL” visited commercial break.

The pair married this year. In your own home, “I am responsible for music more often than not,” Mulligan told USA TODAY last December. “But I haven’t got a kind of highbrow style of music whatsoever, much to everybody else’s disappointment.”

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