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The majority of people are very busy the total weekend break and want to delight in their week end by travelling, exploring and relaxing. This week end, have food stuff from Bush’s Poultry and that is tasty and scrumptious. So, in the coming lines, I will tell you about latest menu of Bush’s Chicken.

Bush’s Chicken breast offers the finest high-quality of diet and within their menu include, they provide food products like tenders, buffalo fries, gallon on green tea, sore roll supper, corn nuggets, jalapeño poppers and Fowl. Every single one of foodstuffs are cost effective and anyone could have a dish on this website less than $20.00.

The data i have mentioned previously is simply a brief from the total food list; next to this information, I will provide you specifics about Bush’s Chicken food list price levels, get in touch nutritional, franchise and information break down on the materials give on Bush’s Fowl food list. Let’s start by researching Bush’s Chicken breast past primary.

Bush’s Fowl may be a speedy-diet chain that serves fried Poultry, started in 1996 in Waco, Tx, by Keith Bush. They have in excess of 90 merchants in five locations, along with its headquarters is at Waco.

Bush’s Fowl Food list Deals

Bush’s Chicken is favorite for their sensitive food that you can get for everyone asa good as family members. Their man or women meals have 2, 4 or 8 soft elements as per your decision in addition to their family group servings have 16, 20 or 30 sore bits according to the needs you have.

As the name suggests, Bush’s Chicken also has chicken for families and individuals. For poultry lovers their navigation includes a fried chicken breast selection; for mouth watering products, they already have herbal tea, a gallon of dr, tea and coke. Peppers solutions.

They provide livers and gizzards offering 8pc meals, 12pc dinner; aspects like scrumptious fried potatoes, country coleslaw; buffalo fries, cooked greens; pies in a variety of flavours strawberry, citrus, apple; for the kids they also have savoury cuisine (2) soft, (1) leg.

Bush’s Poultry has dished up the most suitable Fowl and definately will go on to assist one of the best tenders, tea and Chicken. friends, families and kids happy simply because they feel at ease there, bush’s Chicken breast can be a put precisely where people like to make their families. The staff is absolutely humble and polite and that is the main cause individuals originate in this article again and again.

Bush’s Chicken menu prices are affordable and economical, but some of their prices are relatively high, but people did not consider it because of their services. So, without wasting more time, let’s move towards the latest Bush’s Chicken Menu Prices.

Tenders Individual Meals

(2) Tenders $6.39
(4) Tenders $8.79
(6) Tenders $10.59

Tender Family Meals

(16) Tenders $28.39
(20) Tenders $33.39
(30) Tenders $45.99

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(4) Tenders (1 Roll) $6.39
(6) Tenders (1 Roll) $8.79
(16) Tenders (1 Roll) $23.79
(20) Tenders (1 Roll) $28.79

Chicken Individual Meals

1 pc $5.99
(2) Chicken $7.99
(3) Chicken $9.99

Chicken Family Meals

10 pc Mix $28.79
15 pc Mix $34.99


2pc Mix (1 Roll) $4.99
8pc Mix (4 Rolls) $13.99
3pc Mix (1 Roll) $6.99
10pc Mix (5 Rolls) $19.99
15pc Mix (10 Rolls) $27.99

Livers and Gizzards

8pc $6.49
8pc Meal $7.99
12pc $8.99
12pc Meal $10.29

Tender Rolls

(2) Tender Roll Meal $6.49

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Kids Meals

(2) Tender $5.89
(1) Leg $5.89


Mashed Potatoes $2.29
French Fries $2.29
Okra $2.29
Country Coleslaw $2.29
Green Beans $2.29
Corn Nuggets $2.29
Mac and Cheese $2.49
Jalapenos $0.25
Pepper Popers $2.49


Large (32oz) Tea $0.99
Gallon of Tea $3.19

Coke & Dr. Pepper Products

Coke & Dr. Pepper Products Medium (20oz) $1.50
Coke & Dr. Pepper Products Large (32oz) $1.99

Buffalo Fries

Buffalo Fries $8.99


8 PC Mix 4 Rolls $11.99

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Crispy or Baked Salad $6.99


Apple $1.99
Strawberry $1.99


Bushbaby Chicken Sandwich $4.99