Approximate 13 Dead, Including seven Children, in Mass Shooting at Russian School !

A gunman wiped out 13 people, including seven children, and wounded 21 others inside a school in central Russia on Monday, government bodies stated.

Russia’s Investigative Committee stated the shooting required devote a college in Izhevsk, a town about 960 kilometers (600 miles) east of Moscow within the Udmurtia region. Individuals wounded were 14 children and seven adults, the Committee stated.

The governor of Udmurtia, Alexander Brechalov, stated inside a video statement the still unknown gunman shot themself.

The college educates children between grades 1 and 11. It’s been evacuated and also the area surrounding it’s been cordoned off, the governor stated.

Based on the Investigative Committee, the gunman used a black t-shirt with “Nazi symbols.” Not one other information regarding the shooter or his motives happen to be released.

Izhevsk, a town of 640,000, is situated west from the Ural mountain tops in central Russia.