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Seeking a spot have any incredible pizzas slices? Go out to Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizzas when trying out the list price levels in this post.

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza’s navigation functions lots of pizzas such as Caprese cake, the rectangular Margherita, roasted cauliflower pizza and eggplant Marino cake. Additionally they supply desserts, beverages and sides to the list.

So in this article, I will tell you the Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza menu. Aside from the menus, I am going to also share with you the healthy dysfunction, business aspects and even more.

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza was created in the market in 2002 when Anthony Bruno unveiled a whole new thought that released the flavour of coal cooker pizza to Southern Floridians.

He assumed there would be a superb potential to make a pizza that rivaled those he really liked being raised in Ny. That has a center on unique items and real tasty recipes. The pizza during the repertoire would include classic specialty and favorites concoctions, both of which will satisfy your cravings.

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza Navigation Price levels

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza is famous for its pizzas, as you can know from the name. You will appreciate that grilling pizza on an 800-diploma, coal-fired stove for three a matter of minutes good results in one of the greatest pizzas at any time. Pure products, this includes lean meats and fresh vegetables cooked perfectly, and savory sauces which make almost every calories-laden mouthful worth the money.

Aside from the pizzas, Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizzas food selection comes with oven-roasted fowl wings, truly delicious home-made meatballs, and delicious time honored Italian greens, to name a few.

Using the bank-polite Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizzas menu price ranges, you can keep returning with the family and good friends to the top-ranked eating venue chain virtually every risk you will get.

So, let’s check out Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza menu with prices.


Bundles Price
16″ 1 Topping & Large Salad $34.88
16″ 1 Topping & 10 Wings $37.99

Coal Fired Starters

Coal Fired Starters Price
Hand Rolled 2 Meatballs With Ricotta $8.99
Hand Rolled 4 Meatballs With Ricotta $14.99
Small Eggplant Marino $8.99
Large Eggplant Marino $14.99
Meatball Pot (13) $35.99
Small Anthony’s Classic Italian Salad $8.99
Family Size Anthony’s Classic Italian Salad $12.99
6 Garlic Knots $4.99
12 Garlic Knots $7.99

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Wings 5 Wings 10 Wings 20 Wings
Original $8.99 $15.99 $25.99
Buffalo $8.99 $15.99 $25.99
Dry Rub No. 2 $8.99 $15.99 $25.99
Half & Half N/A $16.49 $27.99


Sandwiches Price
Coal Oven Chicken Sandwich $11.99
Italian Tuna Salad Sandwich $11.99
Long Hot Meatball Mozzarella Sandwich $11.99

12″ Coal Oven Pizzas

12″ Coal Oven Pizzas Price
12″ Caprese Pie $21.99
12″ The Square Margherita $21.99
12″ White Pizza $21.99
12″ Meatballs & Ricotta Pie $23.99
12″ Carnivori Pizza $23.99
12″ Paulie’s Pizza $23.99
12″ Roasted Cauliflower Pizza $23.99
12″ Create Your Own Pie $15.99
12″ Eggplant Marino Pie $23.99

12″ Gluten Free Pizza

12″ Gluten Free Pizza Price
12″ Gluten Free Pie $23.49
12″ Gluten Free Square Margherita $23.49
12″ Gluten Free White Pizza $23.49
12″ Gluten Free Meatball Ricotta $25.49
12″ Gluten Free Carnivori Pizza $25.49
12″ Gluten Free Paulie’s Pizza $25.49
12″ Gluten Free Cauliflower Pizza $25.49
12″ Gluten Free Create Your Own $17.49
12″ Gluten Free Eggplant Marino Pie $25.49

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16″ Coal Oven Pizzas

16″ Coal Oven Pizzas Price
16″ Caprese Pie $24.99
16″ The Square Margherita $24.99
16″ White Pizza $24.99
16″ Meatballs & Ricotta Pie $26.99
16″ Carnivori Pizza $26.99
16″ Paulie’s Pizza $26.99
16″ Roasted Cauliflower Pizza $26.99
16″ Create Your Own Pie $19.99
16″ Eggplant Marino Pie $26.99


Sides/Extras Price
Side of Tuna $4.99
Side of Chicken Breast $4.99
Side of Ranch $0.50
Side of Blue Cheese $0.50


Desserts Price
NY Style Cheesecake $6.99
Chocolate Chip Cookie $3.50
Chocolate Chip Brownie $3.50


Beverages Price
Coke $2.00
Diet Coke $2.00
Sprite $2.00
Acqua Panna Natural Spring Water $3.99


Catering Price
Coal Oven Roasted Chicken Wings $60.00
Anthony’s Classic Italian Salad (Banquet) $35.00
Hand Rolled Meatballs With Ricotta $60.00