Answers to the Most Commonly Asked Dental Questions!

Many questions come to our minds when it comes to oral hygiene, and we search Google to find the answers; questions like, how many times should I brush my teeth? What would happen if I ate a lot of sugary foods? Is there a safe way to whiten my teeth at home? What are the main practices I should follow to maintain my teeth healthy for the longest time?

There are many other critical questions we promised ourselves to ask the dentist the next time we visit our dental clinic in Dubai but forgot to do that.

That’s why today we gathered 6 frequently asked questions about oral and dental health.

Starting with:

1.    How Often to Get a Dental Check-Up?

As a general rule, dentists recommend visiting the dental clinic every six months (twice a year) for a check-up; it’s preferable to also get your teeth cleaned then.

However, this rule applies when you don’t have any dental issues, your teeth are healthy, and your oral health is good.

Whilst if you have dental problems, your dentist will determine how many times you should visit the clinic depending on your condition and needs.

2.    What Hygiene Practices Should I Do to Improve My Dental Health?

Brushing twice, and flossing once a day is the minimum thing you can do. There are many other habits that you should consider and many to avoid.

For example, eating a lot of sugary foods harms your teeth, and oral health, and creates a perfect environment for the bacteria to grow causing decay.

However, the good practices and habits you should add to your teeth care routine are simple, easy, and don’t consume extra effort; you just need to change some shopping habits.

For example, instead of buying any random toothpaste you find at the supermarket, you should consider purchasing one that contains fluoride. It’s also preferable to buy mouth rinses.

Go for choosing fruits and vegetables instead of snacks, junk food, and tobacco, it can damage your teeth and cause you serious oral health issues.

3.    How to Choose the Best Toothbrush Bristle?

Toothbrushes bristles have three types, soft, medium, and hard; each one has different pressure on your teeth.

Choosing the right bristles is critical; using the wrong one can cause many issues like gum bleeding.

The best thing you can do is to start with a soft brush for it’s the safest one. If you feel that you can handle something harder, buy the medium one. Most people opt for soft-bristled toothbrushes because they are the most comfortable ones.

4.    How to Select the Right Mouthwash?

It depends on your teeth and oral health, conditions, and goals.

For example:

Cosmetic mouth rinse:

Use it when you eat things like onions.

Antibacterial mouthwash:

Use it when you have many oral issues like gingivitis, gum disease, bad breath, excessive bacteria, etc.

Fluoride mouthwash:

Use it when you want to prevent tooth decay, protect your teeth, and strengthen your enamel.

5.    How Do I Know if I Need Veneers?

Veneers are a radical solution for MOST dental issues like cracks, staining, chips, wear, tear, extremely misaligned teeth, and/or other serious dental issues.

If you suffer from one or two of these dental issues, then you should ask your dentist if veneers are a good solution for you.

Some people choose them for aesthetic purposes; however, you don’t need to undergo this treatment if you have minor issues.

6.    Why Are X-Rays Necessary at the Dentist?

X-rays are crucial when visiting your dentist; they are great for accurately diagnosing any patient’s condition and recognizing damage in its early stages which gives time to the dentist to solve problems before they become incurable.


Even if you have simple questions, don’t shy away from sharing your inquiries!