7 Tips for Shooting Corporate Videos Outdoors!

Here, we compiled seven tips to make sure you take full advantage of your shoot. Observe that should you not possess the expertise, it’s better to leave video production in Sydney towards the hands of experienced professionals.

1. Scout where you are ahead of time.

Always scout where you are ahead of time and make certain to get it done simultaneously of day that you will be filming. This way, you can observe how light can change during the period of your shoot, that is particularly important if you are shooting a moving shot or sequence with multiple angles.

For instance, if there’s likely to be some undesirable movements from shadows during part of your shoot, attempt to arrange for longer interviews or still shots during this period. And don’t forget that altering ambient light levels may need modern-day lights (just like a softbox).

You should also consider how landscape features, for example trees and structures, would affect lighting and blocking. Be aware associated with a glare you may see on home windows or shiny surfaces.

2. Select a scenic place with lots of sun light.

When shooting outdoors, you’ll wish to be within an area that is not too cluttered or busy. You can include some creativeness and interest by including nature and landscape elements, but do not have them competing for attention together with your subject.

Consider searching for any place with lots of soft and diffused sun light. These include:

Anywhere near water

Within canopy of trees

By a wide open field with tall grasses and shrubbery

You may also go for structures in an effort to control light levels while still supplying scenic views, especially should they have large home windows that you could expose for natural lighting without getting to bother with the sun’s rays arriving through them.

3. Make certain you’ve enough space to utilize.

This is particularly important if you are intending to do any kind of movement or sequence shots. You shouldn’t be cramped up in a tiny space and have your camera man not having enough room to utilize.

Make certain there’s lots of open space for the subject to maneuver in and enough distance together and then any other objects like trees or structures that could be near by.

4. Dress appropriately for weather conditions.

Be familiar with the elements forecast and plan in advance so you aren’t caught inside a rain storm, snow storm or cause problems with no proper gear.

If you are shooting within the heat, make certain to create lots of water and sun block. If you are shooting in cold temperature, dress yourself in layers and also have a warm coat and mitts. Finally, if there’s heavy rain, bring a raincoat and also the appropriate footwear.

Ensure all electronics continues to be hidden or protected against snow and rain by utilizing waterproof cases. Additionally you would like them in dry places if not filming so that they don’t get wet again afterwards during production.

Take notice of the wind conditions too. If it is blowing strongly, make certain hair and garments are from frame. Otherwise, they’ll be getting around erratically through the shoot.

5. Arrive early to benefit from the very best light.

If you are shooting outdoors, it’s likely you will see sun light readily available for your shots. Make certain to reach early and utilize this by beginning before sunrise or sunset.

Coming early also enables time to setup equipment without hurrying and provides more choices for shooting locations because the light is going to be softer and much more even. The optimum time for natural lighting almost always is an hour before sunrise or perhaps an hour after sunset, however this can differ based on where you stand located.

Shooting throughout the mid-day sun isn’t suggested since the harsh light can make unflattering shadows and can allow it to be hard to capture details inside your shots.

6. Shoot in various directions to capture variety.

If at all possible, shoot in various directions to capture a number of perspectives and depth of field. Doing this provides you with more options when the time comes for editing since each shot might look better in one position than another. Furthermore, it enables the viewers’ eyes some respite because they move about together with your camera.

7. Use props and accessories to include interest.

Props and accessories can also add interest and variety for your shots-plus they don’t need to be too complicated or costly. For instance, use various kinds of fabric as backdrops and have your subject hold something within their hands. This gives them a little more purpose and can provide some added depth from another perspective.

Final Ideas

Shooting outdoors could be a terrific way to capture natural splendor and make an interesting video. By using the guidelines pointed out above, you will be on the right path to making a sensational bit of corporate footage.