6 Important Advantages of Responsive Web Design!

In the current digital scenario, the importance of responsive web design has gained immense popularity. Every online business owner is focused on improving user experience through impeccable and responsive web design.

In 2015, Google announced that the SEO ranking will be affected by the responsiveness of web designs. All online businesses started optimizing their websites for different screens- mobile, tablets, laptops, etc.

However, “responsive web design” dates back to 2010, when Ethan Marcotte officially coined the term. Since then, with the advancement of technology, people have started depending on their smartphones and tablets for almost everything. Making calls, browsing information, booking tickets, online shopping, and so much more.

With the current online trends, the importance of responsive web design is here to stay. There are numerous advantages why you should adopt a responsive web design.

A Web Development Company Toronto, will help you make your website responsive, user friendly and improve SERP rankings.

Keep reading to know how your company and website can benefit from a responsive web design london.

Important Advantages of Responsive Web Design

1. Smooth User Experience

A responsive website design NZ improves user experience (UX). The quality of user experience (UX) depends on the user’s total duration on your website. If your website is hard to navigate, loads slowly, and has other glitches, users will not prefer to stay for a long time.

But with responsive web pages, easier navigation, CTA button to guide them, your users will have a smooth experience. The result?

They will prefer coming back to your website for future requirements.

Your loyal user base will increase. You will get referrals and recommendations. Isn’t it great to have a long list of happy customers?

2. Increased Mobile Traffic

According to recent statistics, mobile users account for 50.81% of online traffic.

With more than 50% of internet users on smartphones, you can’t ignore the importance of responsive web design.

You can hire a Web Design Agency Toronto to measure the mobile traffic coming to your website and the average time spent. Utilize the expertise of the web agency to implement responsive web design strategies.

You can then measure and compare the volume of mobile traffic and the amount of time spent. You’ll notice a significant increase in the numbers. With more organic traffic, your brand value increases.

3. Faster Website Development With Easier Maintenance

Creating a separate mobile website requires more time and resources. Moreover, creating a mobile website is much more complicated than creating a responsive web design that runs smoothly irrespective of any device.

You’ll have to pay more to a Web Design Company for mobile website development since they’ll have to design two separate websites. Additionally, you’ll have to deploy more resources to maintain those two websites separately.

With responsive web design, all these headaches are gone. You can hire a Web Design Company Toronto, to build one responsive website that functions flawlessly on every device.

4. You’ll Not Get Penalized for Plagiarism

With a separate website for mobile users, you’ll need to invest in two different SEO strategies.

Even with different URLs, your content remains identical. The search engine will not determine which website is vital for you and your users. Therefore both versions of your websites will have poor rankings.

Therefore you’ll need to create unique content for both the desktop and mobile versions. Consequently, you’ll need separate SEO strategies.

To avoid this additional cost, some business owners use a canonical tag on their mobile website that directs them to the desktop version. That seems like an easy solution, right?

Not really, Because of this practice, your mobile website doesn’t get a ranking from the search engines at all. You can avoid all these issues and get substantial traffic when you create a responsive web design.

5. Easier Tracking Website Analytics

With two distinct versions of your website, you need to track two different data sets. When you hire a Web Development Company Toronto, to design a responsive web design, you can only follow and monitor a single data set.

You can get an accurate insight on the source of traffic, time spent on the website from separate devices, and other essential data points without two individual reports.

6. Higher Website Loading Speed With Reduced Bounce Rate

Responsive web designs load faster on mobiles and tablets. This directly impacts the time a user spends on your website. A user will tend to spend more time when the web pages and graphics load quickly.

The responsive design reduces bounce rates. A user is more inclined to click on different links and CTA on your website if they have an initial smooth experience.

In a nutshell, with responsive web designs, you can improve your SEO, attract a larger traffic volume, build a loyal user base and ultimately generate higher revenue. Now that you know the advantages of responsive web designs don’t wait to create one. Hire an experienced and renowned Web Development Company Toronto to design a responsive website for your business.