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Agnes Monica is undoubtedly an Indonesian singer, songwriter, music manufacturer, and actress.

She actually is notoriously accepted with her stage name, ‘Agnes Mo’. Monica is considered the most awarded Indonesian musician within the reputation quo with more than 190 awards acknowledged to her label, such as several Anugerah Musik Indonesia awards, Panasonic Honours, and Nickelodeon Indonesia Kids’ Option Awards.

She launched her initial global record in 2017, less than her music label which then charted in 9 different U.S. Billboard Maps, producing her the very first Indonesian performer to achieve this. She has collaborated with fellow well-known global performers, like ‘Timbaland’, ‘Chris Brown’, and ‘Steve Aoki.

Here is a selection of the most inspirational Agnes Monica quotes:

50 Iconic Agnes Monica Quotations

1. “My Terms, My Legacy, Me.” – Agnes Monica

2. “Not being ideal, to be amazing.” – Agnes Monica

3. “Dare to fantasy, dare to get started on.” – Agnes Monica

4. “Don’t error my silence for ignorance, my calmness for recognition. And most of all, never blunder my goodness for some weakness.” – Agnes Monica

5. “What you are doing present me what you’re manufactured from. Things I do And how I behave reveal to you what I’m manufactured from.” – Agnes Monica

6. “Dream, Think, and make it happen.” – Agnes Monica

7. “The most significant of oneself may be the biggest potential around the globe.” – Agnes Monica

8. “A aspiration doesn’t grow to be fact by means of magic. It takesdetermination and sweat, and effort.” – Agnes Monica

9. “When haters hectic mocking, I active help it become come about.” – Agnes Monica

10. “When you enjoy blossoms, you just pluck it. But if you like it, you drinking water it everyday.” – Agnes Monica

11. “Your values will be more important than paycheck along with your Legacy is much more important than our recognition.” – Agnes Monica

12. “Hurt within, smile outdoors.” – Agnes Monica

13. “Action echoes even louder than terms.” – Agnes Monica

14. “You do not need to be best to produce an impact.” – Agnes Monica

15. Before you know them makes you look stupid.” – Agnes Monic, “Judge someonea

16. “When somebody still left you, don’t weep! That is a note that you are likely to obtain a far better 1.” – Agnes Monica

17. “The a lot less you focus on the Money and Fame, The greater you focus on your own personal Ability, yourethic and work, your integrity, your character, and almost everything. How you can tune in where it must be tuned in. That is when you’re going to SHINE long.” – Agnes Monica

18. “A good friend is actually a good friend it is possible to share your craziness with! ” – Agnes Monica

19. “I like peaceful areas. I adore galleries and museums along with the catalogue. Oh yeah, and i also do not like shopping.” – Agnes Monica

20. “I am who I think I am, who I wanna be. Some times I’m womanly. Some times I am nuts. Some time I am easy. Some days and nights I’m not. I am just ME. Not your variation of ME.” – Agnes Monica

21. “Love does not just happen. It takes function. Lots of function, hard work. Just as a herb is only able to develop whenever you water it regularly. Enjoy too can only expand once you nurture it persistently And you end up picking it each and every time.” – Agnes Monica

22. “There’s a change in between hectic setting up a past and as a laugh.” – Agnes Monica

23. “Judgement itu ada di tangan Tuhan. Jadi orang yang suka gentlemen-determine orang lain, itulah yang sombong. Merasa dirinya Tuhan.” – Agnes Monica

24. “Stand strong! Be motivating and stay motivated.” – Agnes Monica

25. “Don’t be haters, be followers.” – Agnes Monica

26. “A major superstar comes from a major procedure.” – Agnes Monica

27. “I willpower myself to find out the good in everything. Exactly why I stated “discipline myself” is mainly because considering good is just not an issue that folks just happen to do. It is an endeavor. You must train and discipline on your own to do that.” – Agnes Monica

28. “My future doesn’t depend upon the other men and women consider me. My upcoming is determined by the things i take into consideration me.” – Agnes Monica

29. “Good enough Adalah foe dari becoming the most effective.” – Agnes Monica

30. “In our daily life, we must be our own selves, don’t allow us to make a move but lay to ourselves.” – Agnes Monica

31. “Take motion, wonder come about.” – Agnes Monica

32. Yourself.” – Agnes Monic, though “No one can take your future awaya

33. “LAUGH a great deal, Laugh a whole lot, Really like generally.” – Agnes Monica

34. Action is everything.” – Agnes Monic, even though “Knowledge itu pentinga

35. “Never quit in anything you truly rely on.” – Agnes Monica

36. “One of the most important factor I worth with this life is commitment.” – Agnes Monica

37. Mostly on what you say “no” to.” – Agnes Monic, though “The key to success does not lie in what you say “yes” toa

38. “Dream is what drives me. Trust is the thing that keeps me going.” – Agnes Monica

39. “I love all approach.” – Agnes Monica

40. “Work smart and hard. Concentrate by yourself shit. Enable men and women focus on how you can’t ensure it is., whilst you show them how you’ve managed to get while keeping which makes it.” – Agnes Monica

41. “You don’t live at once. Once and live every day.” – Agnes Monic you only diea

42. “Trust is not given. It really is acquired.” – Agnes Monica

43. “It’s nice to Enjoy, It is wonderful to Forgive, It’s alright to be Kind.” – Agnes Monica

44. “You don’t need to be the very best folks particular person. You merely gotta be you, the very best of you And discuss that light in you.” – Agnes Monica

45. “Your time is the greatest tool for success.” – Agnes Monica

46. “Most women want a man who’s previously profitable. A solid girl will probably be part of his have a problem, make it through it, be successful together and make an business.” – Agnes Monica

47. “The only plausible reasons why men and women discuss right behind your back again is mainly because you will be AHEAD of them.” – Agnes Monica

48. I always STAND for my country, I always have & Nobody could take that away from me.” – Agnes Monic, though “I can’t choose my blood or my DNAa

49. “If you wanna be the better, you must learn from the ideal.” – Agnes Monica

50. “I’m this sort of nerd. I am a homebody.” – Agnes Monica


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