5 reasons that encourage you to use plural component equipment!

A plural component pump system is widely used for delivering plural liquid components at a specified ratio.

The pump system includes a couple of DC motors. The first brushless DC motor configured to control the first pump that pumps the first liquid component to output and a second brushless DC motor configured to control the second pump that pumps the second liquid component to the output.


The pump system includes a couple of controllers each to control a couple of motors. The pump system also includes a communication interface between both controllers.

Increase efficiency

There’s a reason why employees never prefer hand-mixing. It’s obviously repetitious, arduous, and inefficient. Contrary to this, plural components commensurate heat and mix a number of elements at the touch of a button. This is done precisely before the application so that there are no waste materials, and in the same area as the spraying system.

Greater safety

It is vital to keep health concerns as the greatest priority and influence technology that certainly protect your team. One of the major benefits of using Graco plural component equipment is that it decreases emissions. Lesser emissions result in a decreased concentration of toxic and potentially harmful chemicals. For an average operator, working in a comparatively confined space, this is a great investment in safety.

Preserve resources

In today’s world, every factory must be looking for ways to decrease their carbon emission. The good news is that it’s certainly possible now to preserve nature and save money at the same time. By using plural component equipment, your factory can mitigate waste in many ways.

At first, plural components waste comprehensively fewer materials than hand mixing methods as the equipment mixes the materials exactly prior to their spraying.
Apart from this, plural components use a very less number of solvents, which obviously cuts the costs of solvent, decreases disposal costs, and decrease emissions.
Last but not least, plural components mitigate the collection of empty paint cans, which you would generally have to store and properly dispose of.

The advanced interfaces of plural component equipment result in making the process of mixing simple and easy. In addition to this, it also improves accuracy and averts on-job mistakes by controlling everything electronically with the absence of the unavoidable mistakes of measuring by hand, you could certainly save precious time and money.

Easy cleanup

If you have ever been taken part in hot-potting, it is quite certain that you would be aware of the mess that comes along with it and the duration it takes to clean up. It is quite a well-known fact that time is money. Specifically in the finishing industry which usually stresses terms such as “efficiency” and “throughput time”. You should take the minimum time possible in completing jobs while you are working in such industries. Contrary to this, the only cleaning that is required with plural component equipment is drenching out the sprayer and shutting it down. This is obviously quick, easy, and specifically nice for switching colors usually.

Cleaning is obviously the most unlikeable job of everyone. Industries like painting already have the negative implications of being very messy work. But this never has to be the scenario with plural components. Your employees will certainly thank you later for the decision-making.