17 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Belly Fat

People frequently get some things wrong during workout programs…

Some common exercise mistakes include using ineffective machines, insufficient an effective workout schedule and insufficient proper diet understanding.

These among other mistakes cause individuals to neglect to acquire exercise goals. And probably the most common exercise goals is weight reduction, particularly losing stomach fat.

There might be a lot of reasons your reason for not losing stomach fat. Maybe you have been fooled by clever marketing to buy ineffective equipment or consume a faulty and misleading dietary fads plan.

17 Explanations Why You Aren’t Losing Stomach Fat

There may several reasons, as well as your own lethargy and excuses that may prevent you from losing weight.

While these reasons might be different depending by yourself situation, the issue continues to be the same. In the following paragraphs, we’ll check out 17 reasons that could be stopping you against losing stomach fat.

Have a look:

1. You’ve Poor Eating Routine

Have you ever eliminated junk foods? Have you ever stopped eating hamburgers and sandwiches? Well, this really is might be a reason behind your overall belly. These food types contain huge trans fats content that continues to be undigested and increases ‘fluffiness’.

If you wish to eliminate unnecessary weight, you have to focus on your daily diet. You may either eat 3 square meals daily or 6 small meals through the days. Both approaches are healthy, it’s only a matter or preference and convenience.

However, what’s important is you conserve a balance diet – the correct quantity of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and minerals.

Based on many experts, you need to consume between .6 to at least one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. 30% of the diet should include good proteins, another 25-30% from good fat and also the remaining may come from healthy carbohydrates.

Your diet plan will include fresh, periodic vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and liver organ. Furthermore, it’s also wise to drink an enormous quantity of water during the day.

2. You’re Protein Intake is Inadequate

Whether or not they are carbohydrates, minerals or proteins, all nutrients are essential to keep healthy.

If you’re missing these nutrients, you’re certainly failing in losing stomach fat. Proteins especially assist in secreting appetite-controlling hormones for example ghrelin.

Furthermore, 25% of muscle consists of protein and also, since muscle burns more calories than fat, you could do this after some muscle in your frame.

Search for protein wealthy-foods for example eggs, wild salmon, beef, lean chicken white meat, tuna and supplement with Whey protein protein if you are exercising a few occasions per week.

3. You’re Eating a Restrictive Diet

Lots of people recommend diets that focus solely on vegetables and fruit. However, the fact is that such restrictive diets rarely work over time. It is a lot more advantageous to consume an entire foods diet composed of numerous different foods.

For instance, wholegrain foods offer many advantages. Several anti-oxidants and neutralizers can be found entirely grain foods. Whole-grain foods for example brown grain and barley contain several minerals and vitamins which help in enhancing immunity and stabilizing sugar levels.

An excellent wholegrain known as kamut contains high fiber and protein content that will help to keep levels of cholesterol and steer clear of heart related illnesses.

In a nutshell, adopting an eating plan that support eating quite a number of foods isn’t just more sustainable but additionally offers diverse health advantages over time.

4. Performing Only Cardio and Aerobic exercise

Without doubt, a 30-minute run in a decent pace works well for burning calories, but over time, it impacts metabolic process. So, people neglect to burn off fat we have spent on treadmills and elliptical following a point.

Granted that aerobic activity will help you lose a great deal of weight, but because you slim down, your metabolic process slows lower, which means your burn less calories at the new weight.

One proven and efficient method to jump start your metabolic process and you slimming down would be to add strength training to your regular workout.

Based on your choice, you should use barbells or kettle bells or perhaps perform bodyweight exercises.

If you are a novice to strength training, you can examine the power tower. It’s considered by many people experts is the most satisfactory tool for strength training and it’s not only simple to use, it’s cheap and sturdy.

Remember, performing strength training even 3 occasions per week can activate your metabolic process and from experiencing plateaus inside your weight reduction.

5. No Cardio

To be able to progress easily on the road to losing weight, you should adopt a well-balanced method of exercise, one which includes both aerobic in addition to anaerobic training. One cannot simply focus only on weight-training and neglect cardio or vice-versa.

Both of them are required for achieving unwanted weight loss goals. However, it doesn’t mean you need to become a workout fanatic and workout every single day. Exercising 3-4 days per week is much more than sufficient.

Begin by incorporating some simple bodyweight exercises to your routine for example push-ups, squats, lunges, and pull-ups and continue your aerobic fitness exercise with.

6. You’re Eating Bad Fats

You will find good fat and bad fats. Only essential fatty acids or fats contained in wholegrain foods can be viewed as nutritious.

If you are consuming foods full of unsaturated fats and trans fats which are mostly contained in burgers and sandwiches, you’re only inviting trouble. However, even fatty foods create their share of health issues.

Rather of fatty foods, you need to turn to eat foods which contain monounsaturated fats which have anti-inflammatory qualities.

7. You’re Stressed

Certainly, your tension or levels of stress could be a adding factor for the stomach fat. The majority of the fat cells get enlarged due to stress. Most professionals also state that there’s an immediate relation between levels of stress and additional excess fat.

Now, even though it isn’t fairly simple to entirely eliminate stress causing factors out of your work and private existence, you’ll be able to lessen the affects of stress through positive existence style changes.

For instance, physical exercise continues to be proven to enhance thinking processes in addition to mental health. Small changes for your lifestyle practiced during a period of time might help decrease stress in addition to enhance your reaction to stress.

8. You’re Eating Snacks Late into the evening

Late-night eating is definitely a poor option. Regardless of whether you select healthy or processed foods, all cause health issues. During the night, our body’s metabolic process slows lower. So, undigested calories get stored as fat. The buildup of increasingly more fat results in putting on weight.

People consume snacks at night time either due to stress or monotony. Although night time sacks suit your hunger they harm your body over time. Even though you consume the foods that don’t contain high-fat or sugar content, still you are able to face putting on weight.

Furthermore, binge-ing on junk during the night can hinder your sleep which can lead to experience more stress and feel lazy. So, think hard before eating during the night. Turn it into a habit to consume a great dinner and keep a minimum of a couple hour gap involving the dinner and bed.

Eating Snacks Late Into The Evening

9. You Aren’t Getting Proper Sleep

Sleep is needed for correct mental and physical health. Statistically, children and adults possess a 60% and 90% and the higher chances to become obese correspondingly without getting proper sleep.

People, who sleep for five hrs or fewer, gain about 20 or even more pounds. You might not bear in mind to the fact that the possible lack of necessary sleep increases hunger. So, you’d eat naturally wish to eat more without sufficient sleep.

With undigested food, you can get more obese. Based on physicians, Adults require 7-8 hrs rest and kids require 9-10 hrs rest.

10. You Do Not Have Consistency

Without consistency, one cannot take advantage of the best exercise programs and also the best diets. Lots of people perform the work and make workout schedules and weight loss programs. But, it normally won’t perform exercises and consume nutritious foods regularly.

Consequently, they neglect to lose how much they weigh. People have to know consistency is essential – Perform a little but get it done consistently and you’ll see results. And, so far as losing stomach fat goes, its smart to more in line with diet compared to exercise.

We’re not to imply exercise isn’t important, all we’re saying is the fact that your food intake is much more important. You workout just as much you want if whatever you eat is junk, you’ll be unhealthy and also have fat.

11. You Aren’t Tracking Your Calories

While Calorie-counting could be tiresome and frustrating, its smart to a minimum of be familiar with the calories that you simply consume.

Its not necessary to keep an eye on each and exactly what you consume within the day, although keeping a food journal helps countless individual keep on track using their diets. Regardless of whether you eat light popcorn or heavy cheesecakes, you have to be aware proper care of their calorie content.

All we’re saying is you helps it to be a routine of studying labels from the all of the junk foods you consume, so you are aware the number of calories you’re consuming. That one habit can produce a massive difference inside your journey to weight loss.

12. You Aren’t Consuming Enough Water

Water will not only help to maintain a well-balanced diet but will help with slimming down. Research conducted recently says individuals who drank 20 ounces water 25-half an hour before you eat lost 40% excess fat.

Water is a superb factor for enhancing the fat burning capacity rate in people. You need to stay hydrated both pre and post meals. For losing stomach fat, you have to create a practice of consuming enough water every single day.

Not Consuming Enough Water – Slimming Down

13. You Aren’t Developing a Calorie Deficit

Have you got a workout goal? To be able to slim down, you have to produce a calorie deficit. With a calorie deficit, we mean you need to use-up more calories than you take in. You will find 3500 calories inside a 1 pound of fat.

Most professionals recommend losing 1-2 pounds of excess fat each week, as this is the healthy and proven method to shed weight. To attain as 1-2 pounds weight reduction weekly, you have to produce a calorie deficit of 500 calories daily.

This could result in 3500 calories in seven days or 7 days. You may create this deficit using your dieting and exercise or perhaps using your diet alone.

14. You’re Consuming An Excessive Amount Of Sodium

Based on doctors and physicians, a person needs 2300mg of sodium every single day. Any in addition to that also it can cause vast health issues. Excessive sodium results in change in water in the blood stream towards the skin.

Regardless of whether you use ordinary salt or table salt on salads, meats or cheese, you are able to suffer health or being overweight. For preserving your weight, you need to reduce the quantity of salt you consume every single day.

15. Consuming Sodas

Sugar contained in sodas contains several calories and trans fats. Sugar beverages are some of the most fattening products on the planet. Additionally to Pepsi and Coke, Vitamin water can also be packed with high sugar content.

Furthermore, fruit drinks will also be not healthy and may cause weight problems.

Research portrayed that the 150ml glass of juice contains more sugar than several bits of wholegrain fruit. So, it is best to stop these drinks that don’t provide weight reduction benefits rather create health issues.

16. You’re Consuming Excessive Alcohol

Alcohol not just targets the center and kidneys but additionally causes putting on weight problems. Wine, beer, and Rum are some of the favorite drinks of numerous people. These beverages not just contain sugars only contain high calories.

You should know that heavy consuming is among the most typical reasons for weight problems in our period. If you’re seriously interested in unwanted weight and losing stomach fat, you need to quit your consuming habit.

However, you are able to drink light beverages for example vodkas on some kind of special occasions.

17. You’re a Food Junkie

Would you shovel food on to your teeth without having to pay the smallest focus on what you’re eating. It’s time you compensated attention.

Have you ever heard of conscious eating?

Many professionals and doctors recommend conscious eating for losing stomach fat. Within this technique, natural signals tell the mind that it’s got sufficient food. For performing this method, you need to:

  • Chew all of the bites and eat gradually
  • Eat with no stress or tension
  • Give up eating when you have any satiety signals within your body.

This mode of eating gradually while having to pay focus on every bite not just enables you to feel larger faster, but additionally helps with digestion. All individuals individuals who are suffering from your dependence on food and continue endless binges that cause you to feel miserable should adopt this process of eating.

You will not be disappointed.


Here’s a fast review of what exactly pointed out on why you aren’t losing stomach fat:

  1. Poor eating routine
  2. Inadequate protein intake
  3. Eating a small diet
  4. Performing only cardio and aerobic exercise
  5. No cardio
  6. Eating bad fats
  7. Stressed
  8. Eating snacks late into the evening
  9. Not receiving proper sleep
  10. Missing consistency
  11. Not tracking calories
  12. Not consuming enough water
  13. Not developing a calorie deficit
  14. Consuming an excessive amount of sodium
  15. Consuming sodas
  16. Consuming excessive alcohol
  17. Food junkie